Introduction to Alternative Saving Models (ASM)

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Introduction to Alternative Saving Models (ASM)

Fintech for Longevity Academy
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In collaboration with eQUB, a digital ROSCA from Ethiopia.

Alternative saving models are financial products and services designed to help underserved individuals save for their future goals. This mini-course explores different types of saving models by focusing on saving circles in emerging economies. It combines insights from observing new digital tools and best practices as underserved communities deploy them.

This 1-hour introduction will help you understand the emerging trends in the digitalization of social interactions and risk pooling among underserved communities and provide you with the tools to understand the trends in DIGITAL SAVING CIRCLES, including ROSCAS, SACCOs and TONTINES.

Where: Online (self-paced) on TalentLMS

Duration : approx. 1 hour

Time Limit: 90 days

Price: 95 USD, a special price for launching the course

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Part I ā€“ Short Introduction

Part II - Alternative saving models in the digital world

  • Introduction to SAVING CIRCLES
  • ROSCAs, SACCOS & Tontines
  • The advantages and disadvantages of SAVING CIRCLES
  • SAVING CIRCLES in the digital world


Alexander Hizikias, Co-Founder and CEO, eQUB

Alexander Hizikias is Co-founder & CEO of eQub, a disruptive fintech startup working to provide access to credit through saving groups & lending circles. He is an entrepreneur with a background in Economics, who is also responsible for creating multiple successful Ethiopian startups in different sectors. Strong experience in research, business management, finance & marketing. Passionate about technology & innovative value-addition. He's also a published Author & Poet that enjoys creative writing.


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