Introduction to Age-Friendly Banking


Age-friendly banking refers to designing and delivering banking services that are accessible, convenient, and user-friendly for older adults.
Join our introduction to age-friendly banking and learn how banks worldwide provide older adults the support and resources they need to manage their finances and achieve their financial goals.

This mini-course will be co-instructed by Dr. Ira Sobel, the Founder and Academic Director of Fintech for Longevity Academy, and Mr. Ronald Long, Former Head of the Aging Clients Department at a leading bank in the US.

Location: Online, Self-paced (delivered by TalentLMS)

Duration: 1.5 hr

Time limit : 90 days


Dr. Ira Sobel, Founder and Academic Director, F4L International Academy;

Mr. Ronald Long, Former Head of the Aging Clients Services Center of Excellence at a leading bank in the US.

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Part I - What is Age-Friendly Banking - Dr. Ira Sobel

  1. Defining age-friendly banking-- The business case for Age-friendly Banking-- What do older adults want from their bank? 
  2. The three interrelated elements of Age-friendly banking: 
  • Financial Resilience
  • Financial inclusion 
  • Financial Consumer protection

Part IIa - Age-friendly Banking in Practice

  • Introduction
  • Employee training and awareness
  • Customer education 

Part IIb- Age-friendly Banking in Practice (cont’d)

  • Elder fraud detection prevention and reporting
  • Charitable engagement and partnerships
  • Innovation for older adults within the age-friendly framework

Thank you for your interest in Introduction to Age-Friendly Banking mini-course.


Introduction to Age-Friendly Banking