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Unlocking Age-Friendly Banking

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Unlocking Age-Friendly Banking

Fintech for Longevity Academy
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Age-friendly banking refers to the design and delivery of banking services that are accessible, convenient, and user-friendly for older adults.
Join our 3-hour inaugural workshop on Age-friendly banking and learn how banks worldwide are providing older adults with the support and resources they need to manage their finances and achieve their financial goals.

This workshop will be co-instructed by Dr. Ira Sobel, the founder and Academic Director of the Academy, and Mr. Ron Long, Former Head of the Aging Clients Department at a leading bank in the US.

Date: April 17th, 2023;

Time: 1-4 pm ET

Location: Online via Zoom


Dr. Ira Sobel, Founder and Academic Director, F4L International Academy;

Mr. Ronald Long, Former Head of Aging Clients Services Center of Excellence, at a leading bank in the US.

Price 279 USD

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Introduction (10 minutes)

Part I -

  • Beyond accessibility to financial services- defining age-friendly Banking; Dr. Ira Sobel (30 minutes).
  • The role of regulators in age-friendly Banking - lessons from around the world. Dr. Ira Sobel (30 minutes)

Q & A (15 minutes)

Part II - Age-friendly banking in practice- Mr. Ron Long (60 minutes).

The presentation will answer the following questions:

  • Why do we need a specific department for older clients?
  • What are the objectives of an aging client practice within a bank?
  • Who are the stakeholders and employees of a senior client practice?
  • Is this department dealing with the scouting of innovation?

Q & A and Group discussion (20 minutes)

Wrap-up and closing remarks (15 minutes)

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