Understanding Ageing in India


Welcome to the first course on the ageing trend in India, offered by Fintech for Longevity Academy in collaboration with SilverTalkies, a platform that tracks the impact of longevity on Indian society.

Understand India's unique position and grasp the fundamental differences between India and countries like China, the USA, and Germany regarding demography, pension and healthcare systems.

Course Objectives :

  • Equip participants with a deeper understanding of ageing in India
  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects related to the aging population in India, in contrast with other major countries.
  • Explore the social, economic, and policy dimensions of this demographic trend.
  • For entrepreneurs - Understand the untapped opportunities of building products and services for the elderly in India

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1/A general overview of the old population in India

  • Demographic Analysis: Analyze India's demographic structure, focusing on the aging population's characteristics and trends.
  • Explore the Feminization of Old Age: Investigate the increasing prevalence of elderly women in India's population, understanding its social and economic implications.
  • Impact on Labor Market: Examine how the aging population affects India's labor market, including shifts in workforce dynamics and challenges.
  • Economic Status of the Elderly: Be aware of the economic status of India's elderly population, including income sources, financial security, and dependency ratios.
  • Health and Social Wellbeing: Understand the health status, access to healthcare, and social well-being of the elderly in India.

2/Leading Challenges: Be aware of the primary challenges faced by the aging population in India, including healthcare, social security, and societal attitudes.

3/Examples of Government Initiatives: Be exposed to government initiatives and policies to address the needs and challenges of the elderly in India.

4/Key Takeaways from the course

Skills covered in this course:

#demography, #india, #population aging #comparative analysis #longevity #policy analysis #critical thinking #gender


Dr. Ira Sobel, Founder & Academic Director F4L Academy

Nidhi Chawla, CEO & Co-founder of SilverTalkies; Co-Author of Rethink Ageing - Lessons in Ageing from Older and Bolder Generation

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Understanding Ageing in India